McCain blows a lot of hot air on wind energy

Presidential hopefuls are notorious for making promises they can’t keep. So what makes Republican candidate John McCain any different from other elected officials who have jumped on the environmentally-correct bandwagon?

Let’s just say that if you’re going to be disingenuous about supporting tax breaks for solar and wind power, at least be smart enough to realize that your congressional voting record is publicly available for anyone to check up on: a few clicks quickly show that for all his energy talk, McCain failed to show up the last 8 times renewable energy tax credits came up for vote in Congress … the most recent vote being on July 30th, when renewable tax credits, for the 8th time, failed to pass in the Senate

Gotta love the recent energy ad his campaign ran during the Olympics, where a narrator bashes Obama’s energy plan before stating, “Renewable energy to transform our economy, create jobs and energy independence, that’s John McCain.” A clip during the ad showed a picturesque backdrop of wind turbines: “the very wind turbines that he would not cast a vote to subsidize, even though he supports big subsidies for nuclear power.” If McCain were really serious about renewable energy, you’d think he’d bother to show up and vote for it.

Yeah, I’d say that’s a pretty accurate accessment of where McCain really stands on renewable energy. Don’t believe the hot air, folks.

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