McVillain or McHero?

voa_kassman_riyadh_mcdonald_mall_150_eng_05jan04.JPGMcDonalds, the international fast food chain vilified in documentaries likes Super-Size Me and books like Fast Food Nation, is launching a re-branding campaign to shift its tattered image as an international culture killer and artery clogger, to a more corporate Robin Hood. The question remains: “Can the villain turn hero?” Is their change a genuine one or is the re-branding of the fast food megalith just a marketing rally in a business culture that would eat itself, if it were deep-fried? The Guardian UK has a great piece that gives you the “ins” and “outs” of opinions floating about, but in the great Brechtian tradition, you’ll have to decide for yourself: Hero or Villian? To make it easier I’ve included the McDonalds branded approach so you can see how they now see themselves, as well. You decide…

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