Since you’ve been our readers (and thank you for your fidelity!), you are now more aware of the earth’s debacle. From the abundant presence of carbon dioxide to the invisible threat of methane, our atmosphere is out of breath, if not explosive. In this smoggy context, let me invite you to step up for a ride of fresh air on the new Mercedes-Benz collection…

Fervently admired in Europe for its technology and refined lines, the safe and spacious German luxury brand set new goals for the car industry to reach by introducing the Blue Tec. Born in the first country in Europe to get on the green bandwagon, to assert its environmental consciousness, the “Blue Tec” will revolutionize your way of driving, your way of thinking!

If in this recessive economical onslaught, your eco-consciousness made you reluctant to purchase a vehicle that proudly exhibits your quintessential values, your choice is here. The German technology puts at your feet, your dream car by marrying fuel economy and the care for our blue planet. When blue meets (blends with) green, when luxury meets economy, Mercedes-Benz had to be at the intersection!

So enough of circumvolutions, enough of holding your breath, let’s get to the point! Mercedes announced the clean-diesel option on board of its 2009 SUVs, the ML, R and the GL-Class. That’s the magic of the Blue Tec!

The Blue Tec associates its name to engines, filters and catalysts that challenge low gas emissions and paradoxically high fuel economy. Without going into technical details, the diesel engine is injected with the strict amount of fuel at the right moment. The exhaust gas is by recirculation, recaptured and submitted to the efficiency of catalysts that purges the NOx, the oxide of nitrogen.

On the contrary of the E320 Blue Tec Sedan, for the SUVs the AdBlue technology allows the SRC catalyst combined with the urea liquid (the secret potion) to eliminate the NOx by releasing, in contact with the hot exhaust gas, ammonia. The chemical reaction resulting from the interaction of the ammonia and the oxides of nitrogen is an eco-friendly amalgam of nitrogen and water. Renewable every 10,000 miles, the urea supply isn’t a worry while driving!

So, with such knowledge and the reduction of the NOx emissions by 80%, no more remorse when you hit the road or press on the accelerator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Between blue or green, I picked Blue AND Green!

Thank you, Mercedes!

3 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz: the green or blue strike?”

  1. If you can’t afford a Benz, check out he 50 state VW Jetta Diesel (in show rooms in Cali right now), which has a similar system, complete with a urea tank.
    Honda figured out how to make diesel engines run clean enough to pass Cali smog tests without urea tanks. If the rumors are true the first Honda with at diesel engine stateside will be an Acura TSX, and it will get 55 mpg’s on the highway.

    I’ve heard people can refill the urea tanks themselves, if you know what I mean. What’s greener than refilling your own urea tank, organically, on the side the road, in traffic!

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  3. My dream car is the Porsche 911 or the new Nissan GTR. those cars are really great.'”.

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