Modern culture has witnessed the arrival of the messiah 2.0 transforming a cluttered ad induced experience online into an artistic retreat. Such is the mission of visionary and **culture jammer Steve Lambert.

According to AdWeek, conceptual artist Lambert’s intentions are to give viewers the ability to create a non-polluted-ad-free experience when browsing commercial sites usually supported by banner advertisements. He notes, consumers similarly have the ability to cut up a newspaper if they felt like modifying their non-virtual experience, why can’t virtual readers have the same power? Lambert notes the many opposing opinions from critics who believe viewers should not have the power to modify their experience, specifically the ability to cut out ads which agreeably support free access to their content.

Lambert is the co-founder of an organization called Anti-Advertising Agency, and has released a project called Add-Art, a free application for Firefox browsers that replaces Web ads with contemporary art. This application works in collaboration with Adblock Plus, a Firefox extension that replaces ads with blank windows. Lambert took this idea one step further by replacing the blank window with artful images.

In addition to the Add-Art application, Lambert’s most recent collaborative project is called the Anti-Advertising Foundation for Freedom Award, which will be presented in New York during Advertising Week in late September to an applicant who has left the advertising profession.

According to AdWeek:

“It’s a gesture,” Lambert says, stressing that he’d like to see the winner jump from an agency to a nonprofit. “It’s not so much about what we’re giving them, but what they’re giving us. Find me a nonprofit that couldn’t use a redesign of its Web site.”

Channeling the collective spirit of Cuture Jammers throughout cyberspace, we honor Steve Lambert as Culture Jammer Messiah 2.0.

Disclaimer: We still love you Reverend Billy!!

**Culture Jamming defined by wikipedia:

Culture jamming could be defined as an art movement, although this too may be insufficient to cover the full spectrum of activities identified as culture jamming. Culture jamming has been characterized as a form of public activism, which is generally in opposition to commercialism, and the vectors of corporate image. However, this also is too narrow a definition to cover all culture jamming activities (that definition more closely fits Subvertising). Some culture jamming takes aim at these power structures because they are part of the dominant culture, but any other aspects of the dominant culture are also fair game for culture jamming.

Culture jamming sometimes entails transforming mass media to produce ironic or satirical commentary about itself, using the original medium’s communication method.

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