Leave it to the Sunshine state to use solar power to fuel a collaboration between outdoor ad company Fuel Outdoor, and Miami’s Metro line. Under a new agreement, Fuel is harnessing the state’s most prolific but chronically under-used resource to give the city 600 new bus stops for free. Metro users will get shelter them from the rain and heat, and Fuel gets ad placement for its clients.

? With the burgeoning OOH (out-of-home) ad movement, we’re only going to be seeing more ads interfacing with us in almost every situation, from? ads placed eye-level in a bathroom stall to TVs that talk to us while we feed our gas tanks, to wall-side billboards that tailor their ad to whatever person is walking by.

Hey, if we? have? to be surrounded everywhere we go by outdoor ads, giving the city’s public transport users some shelter, and harnessing renewable energy to do it is the way to go. ? It makes you wonder why other advertisers are taking so long to convert to solar, especially in other perennially sunny cities…. yes, take that as a hint, LA.

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