Who’s idea was it to have people tagged and tracked like cattle? I can see the benefits for endangered species, which without our technology could possibly become extinct. I’m on the fence about implanting chips in humans for safety, like the Lojack for humans. This might prove to be useful for the safety of humankind. The reason for this blog is to inform you about something called a shopper card and similar devices. Essentially, the card would be given to you upon entrance of the store and would record things like how long you stood in front of the bread section, and what you ended up purchasing. The information would probably be sold to advertising companies who in turn will bombard your mailbox with useless coupons and ads Until I see a shopper card save a life or prevent a species from becoming extinct, I’ll remain against it. Read more for yourself – http://www.motherjones.com/interview/2005/12/albrecht.html

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