mirror, mirror upon the wall…

Who is the youngest fair of all? The mirror this time may answer: “O Lady Queen, YOU ARE the youngest far to see!”

Which woman and now man did not dream of those plagiarized lines from Grimm’s Little Snow White fairy tale?

From fairy tale, GlaxoSmithKline, a British drug company, made it reality as it announced its intention to acquire the elixir of youth from Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, an American-based biotechnology company. Its secret reposes in a compound in red wine called the resveratrol. It affects the duration of yeast development as well as it attacks efficiently high-fat diets consequences.

So far Sirtris has proven to the FDA visceral censure that not only can it allow to fight aging, it also lowers blood sugar level for diabetics, a concerned disease in the USA since 18 million of its population was diagnosed diabetics, with a concentration of 90 to 95% type 2 diabetes.

In its efforts to market the product in the future, Glaxo offered $720 million in cash for the miracle product. As the population grows (6,6 billion estimated already), people live longer. Is it part of our governments’ demographic policies to invest in such products?

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