It’s a long time love story…however, in their research for the stupidest idea possible Mars Snackfood USA innovated for its customized candy business branch by granting YOU, ME, EVERYBODY to be entitled to boost our narcissism by having our FACES printed on M&M’s.

Branded as “fun”, the little faces opted for a new strategy since enhancing our egocentrism is synonymous of increasing the volume of online sales. One million bags at $9 a pound sold of personalized candies is a promising market to develop. What wouldn’t our faithful companies do to seduce us?

Their secret nonetheless reposes on M&M’s incredible privileged relationship with its customers. From the choice of the color of the next M&M (blue) to the next marketing strategy (printed faces), M&M’s entrusts its main characters, its consumers with the power of decision. By involving us with the product, M&M’s makes us kings and queens… It’s a prodigy of marketing strategy!

An idea among others that will probably generate babies and emulation among the competitors!


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