my t-shirts for an audience!

In a desperate military strategic position, king Richard III in Shakespeare’s play yelled out “my kingdom for a horse!”.

In order to increase its audience share, to promote their brand, CNN, with its 27 million monthly visitors on its homepage, is launching a new campaign with the following core message “my t-shirts for an audience!”

It would be comical if it was not true! CNN’s new marketing strategy consists in using people’s credulity as billboards, as its communication support.

So not only will you be able to advertise their last headlines on your chests, you will also pay $20 (whole packaging: product plus shipping) to have the privilege to be stamped as a product “made in CNN”!

If you ever are tempted to be more creative or wish to accentuate your independent nature by introducing customized headlines (for interactive purpose for instance!), don’t put your shirt on it, the “fun” campaign doesn’t allow it! Its driving intention is to drag audience firstly then to release the weight of your wallet!

Under those conditions who wants to be associated to such “news” network? Since when is CNN the epitome of news?

Under those conditions, I prefer my t-shirt to be PLAIN!

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