New fronts on the War on Waste

Pulp mills. Landfills. Oil spills. These are a few of the daunting battles that must be fought in the war for a greener earth. Warriors of Conan The Barbarian proportions must fight them. The combat will take place where Lord of the Rings ended. You know, that big volcano planet with the army of dead and what not. Obviously not every citizen will be up for the challenge. But that’s OK, because there are multiple, less apocalyptic fronts that also need attention. Take the toothbrush for example. A War on Toothbrushes? Yeah, I could handle something like that.

The questions are: Why all the waste? Why all the packaging? Why not make them out of recyclable corn plastic? I realize this begs the response, “Oh give me a break. Leave my toothbrush alone. I’m sick of all you eco-green freaks.” But let’s get real here. There are 300 million Americans and, I hope, that at least 250 million practice basic dental hygiene and brush their teeth once a day. Now let’s take the conservative estimate that they replace there toothbrushes once every six months. That would make 500 million toothbrushes consumed every year in The States alone. 500 million little plastic spears buried into the earth. Now does a decomposable toothbrush make more sense? What about one with a replaceable head? It’s a start especially considering that packaging amounts to one-third of all the garbage in U.S. landfills.

Getting back to the war analogy, (I know, I know, enough war already. My country has been at war for nearly one third of my life and I’m sick of it. But for descriptive purposes…) every good army needs propaganda. In come the marketers. I get the sense that people out there generally want to be part of the solution. Keen marketers should zero in on this longing and use it to their advantage. Products designed to have less environmental impact should be sold as “clear conscious” items. Companies that brand themselves similarily will find themselves in prime position as the green movement continues, and it will, what with all the work that still must be done.

And toothbrushes are only the beginning. Picture shaving cream in sour cream containers. Imagine Craft Singles discontinued. It’s a better world my friends, a better world.

This blog was inspired by this article written on Ecopreneurist.


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  1. sarah says:

    The “Clear Conscious” line. Brilliant. It’s about time.

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