Here, at jungle [8], we speak from the perspective of the new business paradigm.? Where sustainability, conscientiousness, and honest tactics rise above all else.? And it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in our pursuit.? Fellow pioneers at Patrick Davis Partners created this typographic video to spread the word about what should be all of our “new priorities for the post-agency market.”? Enjoy.

from Patrick Davis Partners, the six priorities for the post-agency market:

  1. Find your voice.
  2. Engage with the semantic marketplace.
  3. Return to humanist marketing.
  4. Live the renaissance.
  5. Champion social agenda marketing.
  6. Build brand integrity.

And if I were to add a seventh priority, it would be to simply cultivate each of the previous six.? Finding, engaging, returning, living, championing, and building are wonderful starting points, ideas to help shift a brand in the right direction, but without cultivation, care, attention, and sustainability ideas can and will die.? So, hold true to the future of a more honest, more conscious, more open environment for us all.? Cultivate that ideal.? We can make it prosper.

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