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In the last Opec Summit the Saudi monarch King Abdullah distinguished himself by accusing the Western oil consumers of the sudden surge in prices. He argued that tax policies, oil speculations and the constant decline of the dollar are the principal cause.

As the Arabian peninsula submits to the Bush administration pressures by increasing its production at least until the next summit, the Nigerian platform is blazing…

Identified as one of the “Next Eleven” meaning the eleven countries with high potential largest economies in the future, the Nigerian prospect is such that the International Monetary Fund projected already a two-year consecutive growth rates superior to 8 % of its economy starting in 2008.

With optimistic and revealing figures, the 12th largest oil producer, the 8th largest exporter, the 10th largest proven reserves, how can we explain? a GDP of $692? or that the majority of its 140 million population lives with a dollar a day? To tackle the problem, in the night of June 18th, Shell’s platform (symbol of the exploiter) was attacked, rising immediately the price of the barrel to $137 in the Stock Exchanges places.

Located in Bonga at 120 km off-shore, the platform’s capacity provides 225,000 barrels a day (10% of the national production) and stores 2 million. From this Oil Rivers region are extracted 2 million barrels daily, representing 75% of Nigeria’s export earnings. It sets out the interests at stake!

The authors of the clash are rebels united behind the MEND’s flag, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. Far from being Don Quixote de la Mancha against windmills, the MEND, an organized and structured military group claims and strikes where the government doesn’t expect them. Under Robin Hood’s values they fight against the exploitation and the oppression of the people by targeting oil installations and in instituting a fair retribution of the oil earnings. As they battle against the degradation of the environment, they fit to the green trend. What a noble cause! After “El Che”, the “Commandante Marcos” in the Chiapas, the MEND in Nigeria, heroes still exist!

For the ones who were skeptic on their intentions and their determinations, an email sent in 2006 stated the following words : ” It must be clear that the Nigerian government cannot protect your workers or assets. Leave our land while you can or die in it…Our aim is to totally destroy the capacity”. Their words joined their actions. Let’s see now what will be the reprisals from the United-States?

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