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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Names inspired by “yahoo”

Knock-offs are expected when it comes to handbags, but brand names? How about some integrity. This is a pretty impressive list of companies that weren’t so inspired. Rather inspired by the recognizable double “oo” a the end of Yahoo! I think memorability is best when it’s individual. What company wants to be known or remembered as a knock-off? I think each of the company’s below need a shot in inspiration.

-OO: Inspired by Yahoo?

Asoboo – Find people & places in your city – Productivity
Baeboo – Shop comparison – Ecommerce
Bookrevyoo – Social book review community – Community
Bullpoo – Find, share & collaborate on investment information – Finance
Calgoo – Online & offline calendar – Office
Capazoo* – Create, publish & share your content – Community
Cluckoo – Publish & share local news – News
Congoo – Search and preview premium content for free – Search
Crazoo – Make money on starting new threads and posting in forums – Economy
Emokoo – Aggregate all your media from other sites here – Publish
Emongoo – Tools & marketplace to sell your property – Ecommerce
Faroo – Become part of a search infrastructure (client) – Search
Favoritoo – Social bookmarking – Bookmark
Frenzoo – Dress up your avatar, then chat – Communicate
Fuvoo – Submit, explore, share & digg videos – Video
Getboo – Social bookmarking – Bookmark
Gogooroo – User-generated guide to online tv & videos – Video
Gumshoo – Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up – Ecommerce
Helperoo – Email support system – CRM
Islandoo – Temporary (?) community for tv show’s casting – Community
Kartoo** – Clustered, mapped search – Search
Koolanoo – Jewish social network – Community
Listfoo – Create & share lists – List
Mangeloo – Run IM on all devices & everywhere – Communicate
Markaboo – Bookmark & share anything – Bookmark
Memotoo – Office online (French) – Office
Moo – Use Flickr photos into printed business cards – Images
Mybooo – Store & share content & services – Startpage
Neighboroo – Explore USA trends on map – Geo
Oovoo – Talk face-to-face over the web – Communicate
Orangoo – Spelling checker – Office
Orgoo – All your communications integrated in one dashboard – Communicate
Oryanoo – Virtual office & CRM suite – CRM
Papoo – Content management system – Software
Picaboo – Print photo book on demand – Publish
Plugoo – Take your IM to any page you want – Communicate
Polloo – Polls about happiness – Survey
Queoo – RSS to email, messenger – RSS
Renkoo – Arrange when & where to meet your friends – Community
Sabifoo – Read & publish news through messenger – News
Scooop – Digg news (scoops) – Rate
Smikioo – Catch yourself smiling & get comments – Community
Snipperoo – Add, remove & manage widgets – Software
Springdoo – Add your voice to your email – Communicate
Squidoo – Share knowledge – Knowledge
Symbaloo~* – Speed-dial startpage – Startpage
Uhyroo – Collaboration tools – Productivity
Votigo** – Create & share a video or photo contest (addictive!) – Game
Webaroo – Search the wen offline – Search
Yoo-hoo – Put a Yoo-hoo in your signature, get an alert if someone tries to reach you – Communicate
Zattoo – TV over IP (CH only) – Video
Zinadoo – Design, build & host mobile website – Software

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6 thoughts on “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Names inspired by “yahoo””

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  2. matthew says:

    I can say with 100% certainty that’s name did not derive from Yahoo. The mere presence of two ‘O’s’ is not an indication of its root. But it is a fun little list, no doubt.

  3. lainie says:

    Thanks for the comment Matthew! Do share the inspiration for the name “Capazoo”. Great site, by the way…

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