Oil depletion is a fact in worldwide collective minds (we’re paying now the price for decades of energy waste). Energy search as a result encompasses either to wage wars on oil possessors (Iraq, Iran) in the name of their fundamentalist religious belief, either to challenge the cells of our “brains” to implement an efficient, viable, ecologic, sustainable source of energy.

As the future announces its series of calamities, global sea level rise, thermal expansion of the ocean, melting of the ice sheets and glaciers, intensive development of human and industrial activities, increase of the green house gases, global warming…as all those elements interact and interdepend, eco-friendly and sustainable projects, concepts rival in creativity, ingenuity and functionality.

Inspired from the liypad of Amazonia Victoria Regia, self-sufficient and autarchic mini islands “Lilypad” will evolve amphibiously. Those “ecopolis” will dispose of a biodiversified fauna and flora where 50,000 inhabitants will thrive. Utopian or realistic, who am I to say?

Urban skyscrapers farms will constitute the “organic” soil, the silos of our futuristic crops architecturally and functionally. In both examples the notion of “rainwater” is affirmatively included. Considering that the ocean will swell, that the temperature will rise, what does guarantee us that the rainwater will still be one of the variables of the climate? Aren’t we too optimistic by making the rainwater a constant in the aquatic cities’ project, in the vertical farming systems’ equations, instead of an unknown as x?

Whether you innovate in investing in the “lighthouse” skyscraper (mastering the use of solar and wind energies), the Maglev wind turbine (the equivalent of 1000 wind mills that will power 750,000 homes) it translates the human ability to adapt its environment to its whims. We are prompt to change the face of urbanization at high costs obliterating consciously (?) to regard our input in reducing pollution, waste. Are we attacking the problem to its source?

Opposed to “macro” ideas such as those colossal edifices, the new visionaries think and express themselves at a micro level. This new generation of “micro-thinker” swear on the micro organisms as the solution as they worship Nanothechnology. Being the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale, the nanotechnology allowed Agustin Otegui to invent the Nano Vent-Skin. His product is composed of micro organisms that generate energy from wind and sun, and that also absorbs CO2 from the air…It absorbs and transforms the energy! What else do we need? Isn’t it a lesson of modesty?

To keep the earth on its axis, let’s not loose our minds!

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