Painting with Light

Artist Heather Carson paints with space, electricity and florescent bulbs. The image of her work does not do it justice. Really. I had the opportunity to meet the artist in her studio last April at the Brewery Art Walk. It’s amazing to see Heather and her crew sitting on the floor of her loft, soldering […]

War on Terror, the game.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting 3 amazing artists who imagined, created and illustrated, this amazing board game called War on Terror. Really. It’s been described as a cross between risk and monopoly, only a bit more diabolical. It’s a satirical way to look at (and play) the war on terror. […]

The Brand Gap

I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon this slide show, the summation of Marty Neumeier’s book of the same title, The Brand Gap: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design. I loved this book! I am someone who has studied and read many of the academic books on “the art of […]

yummy green apples!

What do you get when you combine Green Peace and an Apple computer? Campaign Summary (from the Greener Apple site) We love Apple. Apple knows more about “clean” design than anybody, right? So why do Macs, iPods, iBooks and the rest of their product range contain hazardous substances that other companies have agreed to abandon? […]

India’s Airlines say “Naaaaaaa Na Na N’ Nah”

After seeing this posting on entitled “Advertising One Man ship” on an blog from India called My Weird Wired Word, I knew I had to repost this. It reminds me of a child’s teasing or that annoying game of “last word”. I wish I’d be curious know how the public reacted to this public banering […]

Micro-razorfish…absurb? Apparently not.

This means big changes to the Ad world. A sea of changes, climate of new… well you get my point. I would have never thought Avenue A/ Razorfish would become the child company of global giant, Microsoft. I remember somewhere around 13 years ago, attending Razorfish’s book launch party of sorts, some swanky Hollywood venue, […]

Global Butoh

One of the many interests of jungle 8‘s founder, Lainie Liberti is her passion for dance, performance and a Japanese art form combining the two called “Butoh”. She began practicing Butoh after answering an open call put forth by the founders of the performance collective Corpus Delecti. Corpus Delecti formed just over 5 years ago, […]

The Brewery Art Walk

Mat Gleason, a good friend of jungle 8, is the founder and editor of Coagula Art Journal. He is also the president of the Brewery Art Association, which produces the bi-annual event which takes place at the Brewery Arts Complex. (That also happens to be where jungle 8 is located. ) The artwalk takes place […]

Crazy Eights. . .

I’m in the habit of subscribing to a variety of industry related newsletters and blogs in an effort to keep myself apprised of what’s going on – if you’re reading this, you might know what I’m talking about, so I’ll try not to disappoint. As my grandfather would often say, “there’s a doings transpiring”. Well, […]

It’s the truth, Digg it?

If the majority decides something is true, then it’s the truth. Well isn’t it? I mean that’s the simplified basis for the study of reality and truth as I remember it from my freshman level college philosophy class. Ok, so it’s over simplified, but I do know truth is merely a perception, greatly differing by […]