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Artist Heather Carson paints with space, electricity and florescent bulbs. The image of her work does not do it justice. Really. I had the opportunity to meet the artist in her studio last April at the Brewery Art Walk. It’s amazing to see Heather and her crew sitting on the floor of her loft, soldering wires in hand, electrical bits and pieces being installed (wish I knew the technical terms-?) as we await patiently for the first lighting of the piece.

Then it’s ready, the bulbs buzz and the color of warm light washes the room. To be able to witness the first lighting of an artists’ vision was quite a treat for me. I strolled between each of the columns (of the piece pictured) exploring the sound, the experience of light and noticing how the cast shadows played on my skin. I can’t explain it, but it was a profound experience, which stayed with me. Heather’s work must be experienced in person. This piece is being shown this month through next presented by Phantom Galleries LA. Phantom Galleries is a temporary art installation project which features works shown at storefront windows throughout the Los Angeles county. Literally creating the opportunity to experience “high art” on a pedestrian level. More info below.

Heather Carson
Light Action: light/CONCENTRIC

Liza Simone, curator

SW corner of Beverly Drive and Dayton Way
Beverly Hills, CA
Viewing Hours daily 11am – 2am

May 14 – June 3, 2007

Artist Reception Saturday, June 2nd, 7-9pm

Made possible by a 2007 Downtown Artist Project Grant


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