Americans systematically swallow and digest 600 bottles of cola per capita annually, while the cola leaders brand American culture worldwide. Indra Nooyi proudly reveals to a NY Times reporter that her breakfast consists of a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. So… Perhaps her candor is intentional in order to bolster a healthier tendency of the consumption of the forthcoming century? Innocence or manipulation, let’s look closer! By cereals did she mean Quaker Oats, by orange juice, Tropicana?? That is to say brands that share Pepsico’s portfolio, what a pure product of her corporation! A perfect example of corporative culture!

NooyiUnknown among the common people but influential in the global economy sphere, Nooyi is no one else but the chairman and CEO of Pepsico. She symbolizes the voice of the Indian woman, perceived as the engine of growth within the Indian society, with altruistic ideals (development of sanitation in the world, improvement of sustainable agricultures) expressed on the stage of the world.

A better place for corporations and its loyal subjects. For their project to be viable I guess either you adopt affordable prices following their third world markets (initiated by Bill Gates) or you increase their propensity for consumption. For the later to happen, Nooyi (through Pepsico) has provided readily available treats (fortified nutritional products) to distribute among poorer economies.

In Nooyi’s “Business call to action” campaign, she promotes innovative business models. In her action program, she advocates passionately conservation of natural resources (especially water) as a guiding goal. In the back of her mind, Pepsico’s interests.

So we should stay aware of our surroundings when Mrs Nooyi speaks with the business jargon. It’s one thing to address a patronizing message with “we understand you” to the local population, it’s another thing to articulate growth in percentage. Associating humanistic concepts with rates, volumes and percentages is indecent and antisocial.

Pepsico made a conscious choice by choosing a woman to lead, praying on the cultural “mother figure”, an equal right recognition in quest of the third world market domination. In business every decision has its rationalization. Nooyi is ardently encouraging rigid sanitation and conservation of water in those markets. Does this respond to her conglomerate’s needs? Firstly because 90% of soft drinks are made with water, secondly because when Pepsico exports its holding to foreign markets, it has to supply itself from the markets’ resources and adapt its policy to the governmental directives. Go figure…

To refer to Nooyi’s native country, let’s just underline the fact that Pepsi was denounced to carry in its soft drinks 35 times more pesticide residues in India than in Europe, what must we conclude?? A laxer safety policy when it comes to deal with the health of poorest countries?

Just a thought…

Isn’t the choice of Nooyi to represent Pepsico, their best asset to any controversial outbursts in one of the fastest growing markets?

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