Branding yourself using web-based tools can be difficult and one needs to have the right strategy to succeed. The following plan if followed exactly will see you smiling all the way to the bank. Personal Branding Made Easy in six simple steps:

1. Identify the target market

Who are you targeting in branding yourself, these will position you to the right customers.

2. Place yourself on the right target market

According to your profession or skills

3. Advertise yourself

– Market yourself either by using innovative marketing strategies or post promotional content on You Tube.
– If low on cash you can use social media like facebook or blogs to advertise your brand.
– Update your personal profile on social media with your brand in mind.
– For a wider exposure you can make e-books to reach your target market.

4. Endorse your brand

– You can do this by inviting high profile personalities such as celebrities to endorse the brand on social media, this can either be pictures or videos.

5. Associate your brand positively

– You can do this by actively participating in donations or charity events. This will enhance your personal profile upwards trust me, remember the people are your main target. If you touch their soft part positively, they will handsomely reward you.

6. Be patient

– Rome was not built in one day and so is personal branding.
– To be successful in personal branding be ready to sacrifice a lot of your time.
These simple ingredients will definitely make a good recipe for success in personal branding, all you have to do is to implement them.
Incase you deal with people directly when selling your brand then these basic qualities will work:
– Always smile to gain the customer’s confidence
– Your dress code should match your personality
– Always maintain eye contact
– Express yourself professionally
– Always observe social etiquette
– Identify the target market you want to brand yourself with.


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