godIn the same way that matter naturally renews itself and is never created or destroyed but instead changes form, the concept of Cradle to Cradle product design and creation was spawned. The intent, albeit Darwinian in nature, is to actually direct the path of a product into a defined renewable resource. Using the models that physics and nature herself have exemplified since the dawn of time, this process is actually quite simple. This may sound esoteric at the outset, but it can be as simple as: fabric is made and produced into a garment, the garment is worn and one day disposed of and the disposed garment is ground into compost then mulch which enables a plant to grow and flourish again. This concept graduates to the more complicated realms of rectifying an office chair, for example, into it’s component parts for re-purposing. Infrastructure to ensure that the general populace knows how to dispose of their goods in this fashion is the challenge that no doubt faces the manufacturers, but necessitates the Public’s awareness, desire and willingness to participate at the end of the day. The strongest vote to Corporate America is always cast by the consumer dollar. New industries and corporations can be formed and profited from, in order to harvest disposed materials [a process known as “Materials Pooling”]. At the end of the day, consumers must have the desire to sustain in this fashion and the answer to that is educational outreach. Let’s play God together, as it’ll be quite empowering to say the least and it really is the right thing to do: http://www.epea.com/english/cradle/vision.htm

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