Pulling Power from Thin Air

windmill.jpgWilliam Kamkwamba, a man now known around the world for building windmills to supply power to his families home. A combination of his ingenuity, and technology has provided an outlet for this awesome story. As a boy, William couldn’t afford to go to school. At the age of fourteen he built his first windmill, which supplied enough electricity to power one light bulb. Plastic piping, found objects and a book on electricity is what William used to help him create the power from thin air. Since then, he has built a larger windmill that has the ability to light every room in the house. His goal is to build a powerful windmill that will have the ability to pump water to irrigate crops. Soon after word of his ingenuity spread via a local paper, he was invited to conferences where a 3-minute presentation won him a standing ovation. His travels have afforded him, one more great opportunity, the chance to discover the Internet. His blog will track the progress of his up and coming windmill projects. Check out his blog here

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