Los Angeles, formerly known as the concrete jungle, has now been renamed the concrete desert. It rained for a couple hours last week, but that’s the last time I can remember that I’ve seen, heard or got to experience the rain. The rain in L.A. is like many other things in L.A, it’s just a story that will be written into a movie script, or just inaccessible to the general public. Maybe, only the upper echelon gets access to it. They could be paying somebody “up there” for exclusive access to the rain. All I know for sure, is that if it does ever rain, get inside! The first rain of the season is what we call “acid rain”. All the pollutants that have been compiled over the summer, or in our case years, in the atmosphere get absorbed by the clouds, condense and fall with the droplets of water. Will our jungle flourish or perish? Are we in a drought and people are afraid to say the “D” word. I haven’t heard it lately. Why aren’t we conserving water? Is this the quiet before the storm? I’m led to believe that soon California’s coast will soon be under water due to global warming. That must be it – nobodies worried because we’ll soon have plenty of fresh glacial water. We have to act now, write letters, strike, and picket until the rain is given back to us!

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