Random Acts of Designess

Austrailian Graphic designer Guy Patterson of Brandblogger was inspired by the altruistic bug that seems to be going around. (thank goodness!) His concept is to donate his talent (pro-bono) to a worthy project. Here’s a statement directly from his blog:

Random Acts Of Designess (RADness). I’ll surf the internet, find a good cause that needs some help with it’s identity, or promotional material and offer my graphic design services for free. No better still, I’ll just do the work and send it to them, with an explanation of why and what I’ve done. So simple. Right, that’s it, I’m off to do my RADness. I’ll post back here when I’ve done the work and have some feedback from my Random Act of Designess…

Simple enough. It seems Pattersons’ first project was for something that is near and dear to my heart, ecological conservation. Patterson came across a post on Seth Godin’s blog promoting an environmental cause. Pete Kazanjy has come up with a great idea for green campaign sticker that can be placed on washroom towel dispensers (or anything else that dispenses paper). The sticker reminds you that ‘these come from trees’ and therefore should be used sparingly and so far his tests have revealed a reduction of 15% paper usage. Doesn’t sound like much? Think again, one of his stickers can save an entire tree’s worth of paper per year (100lbs or 45kgs). To read more go here.



Bravo! I am so glad designer around the world are contributing to betterment of our environment and social causes as a whole.

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