Random Branded Thoughts

I live, breathe, sleep and eat the branding process. I am aways thinking about the process, our industry, conscious and sustainable business practices, and everything in-between. Last night I was flipping through the many lined note books, one of which I always have with to be able to jot down my thoughts. Below are some thoughts that came from one of many of these books, thoughts about branding, and jungle [8] as a valuable service:

What is a brand? In most cases, it’s the first impression your company makes. The right corporate communications shows how you see yourself, and how you wish to be perceived by the outside world. It sets the tone internally and externally.

great brand is relevant, emotionally gripping, self-aware, and gets attention. It tells a story, but leaves you wanting more.

More what? More of the brand experience!

But what is the brand experience?
It distinguishes an identity.

It involves a person for a longer time and on a deeper level than is expected.
And it adds value to the lives of those who encounter it.

Today, there are so many factors that lead to the “commodifying” of brands. Designing meaningful brand experiences is a proven antidote to that trend. (And that’s what we do. )

Together, your dream and our expertise create can meaningful communications between members of the human race. Imagine the possibilities!

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