It’s no secret all companies want to increase their name recognition.  Most know it is important to their success but struggle to make it happen.  Establishing the brand can be a daunting task so I’ve broken the process down into 11 actionable steps.  Following these on a regular basis will increase the name recognition of any company in any industry.

1. Contract with a marketing firm to help create an image that represents the company.  Develop marketing materials containing this image for use in all customer communication.  This would include website development, stationary, tagline, cards, brochures, newsletters and descriptions of the company.

2. The company should examine and be able to articulate the value it brings to its customers.  Condense this into a mission statement.

3. Create an effective tagline that is recognizable and accurately describes what the company does best.

4. Develop a customer contact plan for the upcoming year including key people in each organization.  The plan should integrate into the company calendar and contact result reports should be produced.

5. Periodically write and issue press releases to the media, to your website, and directly to the internet based press release websites.

6. Write helpful articles on a regular basis for the company website and publish them on article websites with links pointing the reader back to the company website.

7. Develop marketing plans so that they use the same media target customers are using. In other words make sure you are marketing where your customers are.

8. Produce and mail either an online or direct mail newsletter on a regular schedule.

9. Make sure your market knows the company and its expertise by participating in trade shows, teaching classes, doing presentations, etc.

10. Get involved with local charities so the company name can appear in their publications and in event notifications announced in the area media outlets.

11. Make sure that company participation in any event is posted on the website.  Also add helpful website articles and or videos at least once per week.

Developing a positive response by the audience for the company is the goal of branding and it is well worth the effort.  If successful the company will enjoy more name recognition and be perceived as the high value provider in its industry.  Get started using these 11 steps to create a rock solid positive brand for your company today.

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