Philadelphia’s plan to increase participation in curb-side recycling is in effect. The idea behind the push to recycle is rewarding recyclers by paying them directly. It’s seems odd but the money would either go towards campaigns to increase household recycling or directly into the pockets of residents who participate. The way it works is quite simple, the city will disperse 6000 recycle bank bins that are embedded with radio frequency identification tags. The sanitation workers will be able to track the amount each participant recycles and will deposit credit into their own recycle bank account. The credits will be redeemable at more than 50 participating businesses including Starbucks, Coca-cola, Home depot as well as many other local businesses. There is also options to donate you’re earnings to charity. If the idea is successful the city will phase in the program throughout the city in the next 3 – 4 years. It’s a great site –

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