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science to the help of mother Nature

With the upcoming threat of global warming scientists are seriously considering intervening on mother Nature to change the course of events. Their main concern resides in the continuous increase of the temperature. Within a period of 100 years, the fahrenheit degrees will be multiplied by 11. It seems that to radical changes have to be implemented urgent ideas.

At the “idea” step, numerous projects abound from well-intentioned scientists. From geo-engineers to climate researchers, they agree on deploying a huge solar shield. Composed with 50,000 solar panels, the satellite will be launched into orbit and will be positioned between the earth and the sun, at an angle allowing the sun reflection to be reverberated into space to cool down the planet.

If the project seems realizable virtually at a computer scale, global warming experts like Steeve Schneider from the Stanford University emits doubts. The unexpectedness of the? side-effects reflects the amplitude of the risks that we would be willing to take with this hazardous intervention, could summarize his thought.

Other approaches are nonetheless evaluated for their viability.

Caldeira from the Carnegie Institution envisions to counteract the greenhouse effect by scattering 1m tonnes of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere, in a 10m square kilometres distance, to help the formation of artificial clouds.? Salter of the University of Edinburg intends to spray stratocumulus clouds with seawater thanks to? the presence of? 300-tonne ships indispensable for the experience, to gain volume and thickness, I guess.

Oceanographer Lampitt sees the problem under another angle. Marine algea and phytoplankton capture quantities of carbon dioxide. To proliferate they need nutrients such as iron and nitrates. By influencing their quantity, the organisms will absorb the CO2 to die and sink in the abyss.

As we see our scientists are very productive in elaborating solutions to save our planet.? From grand scale to a micro level (our individual green effort and consumption), will the solution come before our extinction?? Times for procrastination and experimentations are over!? Polar bears are dying already, bees are disappearing at a 30% rate per year… It’s a race against the clock!

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