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Service, trust and after sales care: the initial building blocks of a brand

There is a lot of great advice available with regards to how to go about building a successful brand. The key thing to remember is that building a brand cannot be seen as simply a task to be carried out in isolation.


A brand is more than simply a projected image of a set of ideals, those ideals have to be followed through the entire client experience: from point of contact right through to after sales care.


Aristotle famously summed it up when he wrote: “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.


By concentrating on delivering excellence through the most fundamental things you will be building a solid foundation for your brand and as we all know, weak foundations lead to fragile structures.


Initial contact and first impressions


You only get one chance to make your first impression. It might be sound obvious but it is remarkable how many fail to remember this. Find out how most of your clients first encounter your organisation and ask yourself how their initial contact was conducted and by who.


The person in the office who answers the phone or the person whose job it is to stand behind the counter might be making that first impression on your behalf. Bad first impressions will damage your brand with immediate effect and your reputation and therefore business will be adversely affected.


Trust and data security


All businesses today are in one way or another reliant upon the internet. Different types of organisations will be more reliant on one aspect or another whether that be marketing, payroll systems, invoicing, banking and point of sale. All of these present a possible security risk not just for yourself but for your customers.


Personal information and bank details are worth considerable money to the black market and you have a duty to ensure that all information you hold is secure.


The NCC Group supply software escrow which safeguards the information you hold and the computer systems you rely upon. The forever evolving nature of ‘hacking’ means that it is necessary to be constantly testing and checking your systems with various escrow tools which are all available through the Escrow package.


After sales


There is no greater advertisement for your brand than a personal recommendation from one friend to another. People who encounter good after sales service and a friendly follow up are far more likely to speak favourably of an organisation.


Once you have built these initial considerations into your business you are ready to begin building a successful brand.




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