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Shift Happens – What does it all mean?

Globalization in an Information Age

A great video created by Karl Fisch, and modified by Scott McLeod, regarding globalization and the information age:

glumbert – Shift Happens
The video gives us a lot to think about. These are exponential times. Although the population is growing, American does not have the educational nor the technological dominance a world power should have. Today, people have more jobs in ten years than our parents had in a lifetime. New jobs are flooding the market, and we are struggling to keep up!

Socially, we’re getting closer and closer to a community of cyborgs. People meet their spouses online, MySpace is one of the most-visited sites. And we transmit and create information in larger quantities than ever before.

The times are a-changing, in ways our hippy parents couldn’t have dreamed. How do we, as a socially conscious business, react to this cultural shift?

Notice the trends: education, social entrepreneurship, a desire for authenticity. React accordingly, consciously, and meaningfully.

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