Short Memories for Lengthy Problems

A sense of jubilation and hope has been hovering over a vast majority of the world since last Tuesday’s festivities like a dense fog.? Or is that smog?? Who can tell anymore.

Even before November 4th, however, we here in the States were beginning to feel some relief as we saw a much-welcomed decrease in the national average gas price, eventually dropping to today’s $2.22.? Want some perspective?? Just a month ago, the national average was $3.25 for regular unleaded.? And four months ago?? Not only was the national average at its highest for the year, at $4.11, but it was the highest? average national price for regular unleaded gasoline ever!? So, how’s this near-$2 price-drop being received?? Apparently, it’s making us stupid.? Like, totally frackin’ stoopid, man.? Fo’ realz.

“Whoa, there.? You callin’ me stupid?!” you may be hot-headedly exclaiming.? Well, no.? I am not callin’ you stupid because I don’t know you, and that would be extremely presumptuous and downright rude.? Who I am callin’ stupid, though, are those individuals who have taken the recent decline in gas prices to mean that it’s okay to start buying SUVs again.? Yeah, you.? Stupid.

GM has seen a recent rebound in the sale of its, until recently, least-sold full-sized SUV models. GM’s Arlington, Texas factory, now the only manufacturer of these models, has placed all of its 2,500 employees on overtime to be extended until the end of the year as they pump out these gas-guzzlers.? The sport utility behemoths are, apparently, continuing to provide a good source of revenue for the company — even spawning a new $300 million factory near St. Petersburg, Russia.? GM is gambling heavily on the full-sized SUV line’s popularity overseas.? Great.

So, let’s get back to why this is totally frackin’ stoopid.? The Cadillac Escalade, one of GM’s most popular full-sized SUVs saw a sharp decline in sales in direct correllation to the increase in gas prices.? Why?? Well, take a brand new 2009 Cadillac Escalade for example.? It garners right-around 12 miles to the gallon, using premium unleaded gasoline, of course, and will run its owner an annual fuel bill of about $3 thousand dollars.? Oh, and its carbon footprint is approximately 12.2 tons.? In comparison, the base model Honda Civic’s carbon footprint is half that of the Escalade at approximately 6 tons.? A Prius, the best selling hybrid in the land?? Only 4 tons annually.? It appears that instead of increased environmental awareness leading to the decline of the SUV on our roadways, it was just a hiatus until owning one went from completely ridiculous to mildly ridiculous.

It’s a shame that memories are so damn short for such an encompassing issue.? And even if you forget the environmental impacts these disgusting machines have (please don’t), gas prices fluctuate just about as much as the seasons.? It’s as if these new purchasers can’t quite grasp that permanent change, no matter how many times one may say it out loud, does not happen overnight.? Sigh. I suppose these are the same people who are still fooled when I cover my face with my hands and tell them I disappeared.? Or maybe they just don’t care?? That, for me, is even more sad.? Addicts off the wagon.

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1 thought on “Short Memories for Lengthy Problems”

  1. Nick Pettit says:

    Contrary to popular belief, this actually isn’t the result of falling gas prices. It’s McCain supporters trying to make themselves feel like they’re made of something, like when people eat a 128oz tub of ice cream after a hard break up.

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