What can you expect from implementing an effective small business branding campaign? Your company will be seen as a credible, stable business and will be able to use this image to attract additional customers plus you’ll have an edge on the competition.  You may be wondering what is “branding”. Branding consists of a collection of techniques that are designed to make your small business unique in the marketplace. Your brand is your business name, your logo, your website, your email and all correspondence too.  It exists and is created by how well you tell your customers what your company can do for them.  Here are six easy to implement tips to improve your brand.
1.   Your small business needs to create and promote a strong visual image to your customers.
The goal is to become instantly recognized by your logo.  This logo should be on all your documents and marketing material and it should always contain consistent colors, fonts and overall design elements.
2.   Simplify Your Unique Selling Proposition
Many small businesses fail to take advantage of using a tagline.  A tagline is a short, powerful statement that differentiates your company. It does take some thought but the benefits are well worth the time spent to create a statement that is recognizable and focused on the differences between you and your competition.
3.   Develop the Correct Business Personality
Some branding experts call this “finding your voice”.  This means to be easy to talk to by your target markets. Your brand identity should fit your target customer’s expectations.  If you are a small industrial distributor whose strength is personal relationships your branding campaign should reflect this strength.
4.   Consistency is Crucial to Branding Success.
Once you decide on a branding strategy stay with it even if you are tempted to try something new.  It takes time and you could easily lose some of your hard earned brand identity if you make a change.
5.   Everything Must Be Branded.
Don’t miss an opportunity to present and/or remind your customer of your brand.  This should happen on every communication your company has with a customer. One simple way to do this is to implement automatic email signatures that contain your logo and tagline.
6.   Measure, Measure, Measure.
Figure out a way to track your branding efforts so you know which ones are paying off.  One way to track the success or failure of your branding efforts is to talk to your customers.  If they don’t recognize your logo, what your business offers them or even where to find you it may be time to rethink your branding strategy.
Small businesses that do not effectively brand themselves will always struggle to succeed and many will fail.  Following these tips will allow your business to rise above the competition and become not only an important resource by your customers but one they cannot live without.

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