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It seems like it should be common knowledge that a happy, smiling client is a client that’ll return, but all too often, priorities get shuffled and a client leaves without a smile. This may just mean they’re neutral, without any strong feelings one way or another. If something has gone horribly awry and your client is unhappy it can be difficult to turn things around. Here are a few simple steps to combat the frown.

1.      Provide them with a little something extra.

This can be something as simple as a customized pen with your company name, a coffee gift card for the highly caffeinated business owner or even just remembering something special about your client such as an upcoming wedding, birthday or a new family member.

2.      Check in with them.

Once you’re done with your original business transaction, give them a call, just to see how things are going. Don’t let another transaction be the main focus though. If you’re sincere and caring that’ll come naturally. This shows a client that you think of them as another human being, not just another dollar sign. Checking in after the fact can even sometimes make an unhappy client think twice.

3.      Tell your friends.

Word of mouth marketing is the least represented yet most effective means of marketing around. It seems like every business I’ve been to in the last few years has been because a trusted friend told me about it. People don’t talk about world of mouth marketing because it’s hard to measure, but it works.

4.      Write a review.

If possible, write a positive review for your client. Yelp, Urbanspoon or Google. It doesn’t matter where, it just matters that you did. If your past clients have positive reviews, they make more money, increasing the chance for return business for both of you.

5.      Smile.

Having a positive attitude can do wonders for any business transaction, large or small. Apple stores have this technique down to a science. Employees in Apple stores from Cleveland to Cupertino all have the same ear to ear smile. It almost forces you to smile while you interact. Whether you’re selling real estate, insurance, graphic design or any number of things, remember to smile.
These simple steps will keep clients and customers smiling every time they’re working with you. Utilizing just a couple of these steps will have you well on your way to a happy customer base, and in turn, a happier wallet.



Drew Blanc

About the Author: After several years of experience in business and marketing, Drew decided to pursue his true passion, writing. Drew picked up the habit of writing letters to family and friends while working abroad for over 3 years. He currently writes for the personalized pen supplier,

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