upward trends in new media advertising

Without knowing the complete strategic market measurements, analysis, insight, I must comment on the apparent “big jump” in internet advertising as reported on TechCruch, February 26, 2008.

According to the report, the Interactive Advertising Bureau estimated to $ 21,1 billion, the profit from advertising online. Evaluated at $45 billion globally by Kelsey Group, the internet, needless to say, is with no doubt, a lucrative business.

By consumers clicking, conform to the ” pay-per-click” ads, AdWords and AdSense totalized 6,1 billion in revenues for Google last year.

With this optimistic perspective, advertisers must view Google, Youtube, Facebook and others as a valid mediums to expose their brands to potential audiences to get their message out.

According to current trends, some think in the future portals will charge advertisers for consumers’ actions. We can expect at the menu, pay-per-print, pay-per-call, pay-per-what else formulas.

Web advertising in the USA represents only 6% of the total advertising expenditures, consumers spend 23% of their media time online, just do the math. Given that the forecasts will be (juicy) $ 147 billion in 2012 and that marketing trends indicate the public is more prone to respond positively to online advertising campaigns than with any other medium, we advise: Get you online advertising plans in order! This is the future. This is the trend.

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