Social Media and my Personal Brand

Brand Me Personal

Social media has become a main platform in branding, sales and marketing of personal brands.

Potential customers have been successful in their businesses when they can easily access information about goods and services over the internet. By using social media, a client’s personal brand awareness is made known while improving customer service. Marketing campaigns are communicated through websites, creating attention and customer traffic. These are eventually turned into sales. This is a type of earned media and will help in sharing a corporate message from user to user through different social networks and a trusted third party source. Here are some of the social media platforms that can be used in having your personal brand known.


This acts as a word of mouth since blogs and networking websites are used to advertise about personal brands. Followers of these sites and blogs will repost or retweet to promote the product. When selling your personal brand, followers will be able to give or ask questions concerning the products. A dialogue will be created, scrutinizing about the brand, giving its negative and positive side. This kind of interaction creates a feeling of loyalty hence convert sales of potential customers. Clients want to buy genuine brands and this is also a way to make a customer satisfied.

Use of cell phones to sell a personal brand.

Cell phones are helping branding of products and services in that customer’s are constantly reminded of all happenings in the business world. QR codes have been set up on smart-phones, enabling individuals to access a company’s website and online services. Personal brand can be made known in real time, helping clients get to know the latest updates. Advertisements on personal brand will be sent as texts on specific dates and time to let the potential customers know if the services and products are still running.

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