SEO  & Social Media Strategy

It is a fact that social networking such as Facebook is one effective SEO strategy which improves the site’s ranking and boost small business. If you ask how this is possible, this article will show you how.


SEO is all about getting your site to rank well in search engines. After you have done keyword research, mapping and site optimization, the next stage will be link building. This is where social networking plays a role in improving your site’s rank. It is possible to earn links from these popular sites and create loads of traffic.

Effective Small Business Marketing Tips

First, you have to create your account from social networking sites like Facebook and follow their guidelines. Most of the time, you can use your site URL when filling an account.

The next step is all about how you can attract visitors to check out your account. When you opened an account for Facebook, it will help if you start with your circle of friends and family. Then referrals follow through the continuous update of your account. Visitors who will view your account have increased possibilities to visit your sites, thus improving traffic. Getting new contacts and campaigning aggressively will do wonders, too.

Since most social networking site puts rel=nofollow tag on links, does this mean no chance at all to improve the site’s rank in search engine? The answer is both yes and no. A good example on Google Profile and Youtube will reveal that these 2 have same tag during the early times of its pages. But over the time, it has earned both trust and reputation so the rel=nofollow is removed. This will be the kind of thing which the Facebook will adopt in the near future.

Advantages of Social Networks

The best part about being in the social networking is the amount of traffic that will surprise your site once referral techniques start kicking in. This is also as important gaining a link.

My Space allows links on its site by adding your website to your profile account. The best part about MySpace is getting backlinks that point to your website allowing visitors to go there.

Twitter is another venue to make your site popular. The more followers you have, the more potential customers you have on your site. Still, it works on referral techniques.

Google Profile is one way of letting your friends know what you are getting busy with by adding link leading to your sites. The more visitors you have, the higher is your site’s chance to get sales from these potential customers, promote conversion or provide you a chance to use it for link baiting.

Adding your site’s URL to YouTube Channel is also one technique that you can use. You attract lots of subscribers by placing interesting videos related to your site. You will just get surprised over the time you earned quite a number of visitors after watching those videos or posting comments about them.

Social networking is just among a few of the latest SEO trends that you can take advantage while promoting your site. The wonders of these social sites are the abilities to contact so many people and its potential to improve traffic in your site.

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