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The social media has of late become more than just a social platform, since many small businesses are now using it to interact with their customers and meeting potential clients as well. However, for entrepreneurs to effectively use the social media to boost their sales by getting more customers, they should first understand that social media marketing requires more patience, persistence and passion to realize the benefits that comes with using it. On top of that, a nice strategy plays an integral role in gaining much from social media marketing, and here are a few practical tips that small business owners can use to better their businesses using them.

Coming up with an effective social media plan

Marketing your business via the social media requires more than just creating an account and sharing your updates once in a while. Besides, many entrepreneurs that try to create accounts for their businesses without a proper plan eventually give up. Coming up with a real plan will also demand for more discipline and sticking up to the plan at all instances. Here are a few things to consider while planning on how to use the social media to boost your business:

  • ¬†Delegating daily social media tasks to different people.
  • ¬†Deciding on those that will access the account, and the role that they will be playing.
  • ¬†Reviewing your marketing strategies and deciding on how the social media will be more beneficial to your business.


Scheduling regular and frequent social time

Using the social media to interact with your customers can be time consuming, and you will be required to schedule regular time to converse with your social media customers. If you have enough time to interact with your on-line clients via the social media, then you will have to respond to all the messages they send. Split the time throughout the day, and ensure that you check on every new messages that your clients send and learn to always reply them on time.

Being a social media expert

This is one of the most effective ways to attract several potential customers via the social media. Join all the on-line communities and forums, and offer technical advises to the members before directing them to your account. This will, however, require more research on your field of speciality, but be best assured of meeting new clients on each day if you prove to be really good in showing expertise in the field that you are in.

Being social and having a good customer relation

All your social media customers have to feel valued when you converse with them, and this will require effective communication skills. This will involve listening to your customers keenly before responding, and always ensure that you answer your all your customers’ queries on time. Ask for opinions from your customers, and use the responses to improve your services and attract more customers.

Setting goals

Setting realistic goals on the number of new connections to make in a day, can greatly help you in making progress as far as your business is concerned. Set targets and work hard to achieve them. Measure the impact of social media to your business, and ensure that you meet different clients according to the goals that you have set. This should include both short term and long term goals, and always revise the goals to ensure that they are realistic and achievable as well.


These are the simple tips that can be adopted by small business owners to boost their sales and expand their businesses. Always remember that marketing your business via the social media is part of your job, and not something you only do at your own free time.


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