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Become a Well Known Through Social Media

Brand Recognition Through Social Media

Why do I have to use social media ? There are many companies that are asking this question everyday , the answer is simple: to make your brand well known .

All Marketers and companies in general have seen how traditional models of advertising little by little have started to be replaced by the most powerful social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google + , Pinterest and more social media sites made by the same consumers .

Today we are in a world where consumers have seen the collapse of biggest brands in the world . Those days in which companies do not pay attention to their consumers are over . The connection between you and your consumers is essential for the success or total failure of your brand. The new rules that have been made by consumers are authenticity and transparency for any brand.

If you are one of those few companies that have not started this journey yet .Take a look at this report made in the USA :

76% of consumers do not trust traditional advertising .
56% of SMEs are turning to social networking as part of their strategies .
60% use Facebook as a tool for building brand image .
27% companies have a blog .
50% companies use Twitter .
33% companies uses Flickr for photo service .
34% companies have a YouTube channel .

Some tips for that will help you to improve your brand :

  • Learn and see your competition .- go to their facebook wall and see ow they treat their consumers and try to do it better .
  • Listen to your customer .- Check everyday your facebook wall and see what people are saying about your products , very important answer them .
  •  See how many shares your posts have and think of ways to increase the number of shares and likes .
  •  Create your youtube channel and get more exposure.
  •  Deal with crisis .- Internet and social media can give us many benefits but it is also a place where you can get a bad reputation , it always happens and alll business should be ready to deal with this problems.
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