Break Out of Obscurity

With so many businesses coming and going, each clamoring for attention, consumers have a tendency to be turned off by new companies. Getting customers to invest their interest or energy in a product or service will always be an uphill battle.

The battle for customer interest doesn’t have to be a lost cause, though. The following tips will help any company push their way into the forefront and command their corner of the market.

1. Social Media

Nobody has any excuse not to be active in the numerous outlets for social media. If you don’t have separate accounts set up for your business, make one today. Just having a Twitter account or Facebook page, though, is not nearly enough. There are plenty of ways to garner followers, likes and such, but you won’t get anywhere if you do not make access to and from these web pages easy. Link the social media pages to your main website, and put house ads wherever your customers might go. “Like us on Facebook” signs and QR codes where your clients can see them are a great way to let people know that you are maintaining your online presence.

2. Photos

Everyone loves looking at photos. Not just any photos will do, though. Invest the time and money to get good quality photos of your place of business, your product or service and, most importantly, the people involved. Dark and dreary photos will turn customers away and leave your company at the bottom of the last page of a Google search. Bright, vibrant pictures should be easily accessible and fun for people to flip through. Having pictures of you and your employees will help current and potential clients feel that all-important connection. Photos of happy customers (with their permission, of course) are just as good as a great review on Yelp.

3. Check-ins

Speaking of Yelp, make sure that you are always monitoring your impact in the world of check-in based apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Fandango, etc. Advertisements are great, but nothing speaks to customers better than other customers. An extremely satisfied customer is likely to leave a positive review that will lead their friends to your business. Encourage those happy customers to leave their thoughts by using in-house ads and QR codes with friendly suggestions to leave a nice review. Negative reviews can be toxic, so make sure that any concerns brought up by dissatisfied customers are resolved as quickly as possible.

4. Links

Networking, as we all know, is a huge part of expanding business. Being part of the infinite loop of information accumulation is imperative in the new digital world we live in. Scout out your competition, as well as any other companies, businesses or providers that could complement your products or services. Partner up whenever possible to maximize online traffic on your website(s) and social media pages.

5. Persistence

There is nothing worse than a neglected website, Facebook page or Twitter feed. Don’t waste the time and money you invested by letting these online avenues become obsolete. Maintain a daily presence and respond to questions and comments quickly. Regular interaction with your customers will help build relationships with customers and help you learn new things about your customer base.

Using these five steps will help your business become noticeable as well as garner necessary loyalty from customers. This loyalty will create repeat customers that will inevitably spread the word about your business.


Jeff Jacobsen writes for and specializes in lead management.

Jeff Jacobsen is a California-born Utah resident. As a freelance writer with a background in sales and journalism, Jeff is always perfecting ways to efficiently extract truth and glean knowledge from anywhere he can. Processing that information and presenting for readers in clear, concise ways is Jeff’s passion.

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