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How to Successfully Engage Your Audience

Engaging your audience is by far the most effective way of communicating and enlightening your audience on the intended message. Here are some tips that I know work miracles in engaging the audience:

Use demonstrations. The audience would love to see part of or all of them getting directly involved with your demonstrations. Ask for a volunteer to help you demonstrate a certain skill and you will have caught their full attention

Avoid answering all the questions. When the audience asks questions, direct it back to them. That way they will find your talk involving them hence give more attention and hence appropriate feedback.

Build the content of your agenda by letting the audience brainstorm you with their own ideas. This helps a great deal in building your content. Some ideas you will be motivated to address even though you had not planned to.

Ask strong and catchy questions. You can start by asking rhetorical questions that will leave the audience thinking hard. This will ensure that they will follow you word by word waiting for your answer to the question you asked.

To ensure that you are all sailing in the same boat, ask for examples from your audience.

Set role play scenes. You can pick two or more people in your audience and let them role play. That way it would be so easy to understand your concept or proposal. Develop cases or use past events then let your audience solve them. You may find solutions that you never were close to thinking of.

Group your audience. Let a few heads merge in discussing something. Then let one of them speak out what they have decided. You can even ask each one of them what they just discussed.

Use imagery. Let your audience visualize and bring them to your intended point. That way, not even a single thing you mentioned will be forgotten.

Acknowledge each and every person in your audience for participating. That way they feel important and part of the decisions made.
With those few tips, your audience will never stray from your meetings.

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