Sustain THIS

In this month’s Communication Arts, Carolyn McCarron Sienicki writes about the growing business trend of creating sustainablity, and how designers are facing the challenge.

Most designers, notes Sienicki, think “sustainability” just means using environmentally-friendly products. But the meaning of the term goes far deeper. “Being environmentally responsible in our design decisions is only one part of being sustainable…Making decisions that take into account humanity and long-term economic impact are also art of it.” “To me,” says Sienicki, “beign sustainable means asking oneself: What do I want to leave the next generation through the work I do today?”

Which led us, here in the office, to ponder — what are some lifestyle choices we could make that might promote sustainability?

Well, it’s always easier to start with what *isn’t part of the plan, rather than what is. So here’s a list of things we think are not “sustainability-friendly” —

1. Hummers
2. LunchAbles (those pre-packaged kiddies luches sold in the butter and cheese aisles of the supermarket, featuring such healthful chioces as cold tacos, cold pizza, processed cheese spreads, and M&Ms)
3. Two-ply toilet paper
4. Gas station coffee drunk from Styrofoam cups
5. The Backstreet Boys

The above is just a short list of things we don’t want to leave lying around for our kids to deal with. We encourage you to make your own list. Ask yourself what’s lying arond that, in the future, will embarrass you in front of your kids?

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