There are two main things that have increased exponentially over the last few years: the availability of technology devices and the use of social media. It is hard to find someone these days who does not have an account on Facebook or Twitter or doesn’t own some kind of mobile technology device, such as a small laptop or a tablet. Social media and tablets also work seamlessly with one another, but why?

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The use of social media websites from a fixed computer is of course easy, but it means that the user needs to be home, or at least in a room with access to a desktop in order to post any updates or status.

However with a tablet, updating a status or posting a link to a news article is now incredibly easy and quick to do on the go. Sweet and short updates now have their perfect platform.

Share text, video and audio together

A decent tablet will usually have a video and audio recorder as part of its features: you now have all the tools required to make full use of all the social media sites out there. Taking a quick snap of something that catches your attention and posting it to Pinterest takes just a few seconds and in just a few more it can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter account as well.

Instant cloud updates

Tablets take full advantage of cloud storage. You can sign right back in to your social media account to continue where you left off at the office and by simply linking up to Wi-Fi or 3G your accounts will be kept up to date ready for your next move.

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Keep your business running when away from the office

Social media has become a huge part of business that some companies now look to outsource the management of their accounts. With a tablet you can keep your business’ interests and its clients in the loop whilst moving around – the ultimate way to stay on top of your game.

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