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Word of Mouth Marketing, (WOM)- What is it?

Power of Opinion There are a lot of ways on how to get somebody to say YES to you when you are in the verge of marketing a certain product. In the midst of finding a way on how to strengthen your marketing skills, working up your word of mouth marketing is one of the […]

Toxonomy of 16 influence tactics

How are these tactics used in advertising? fromWorkingPsychology.com 1. Reward I’ll reward you if you do it. “I’ll throw in a pair of speakers if you buy it today.” “Thanks! I’ll make certain your manager knows how helpful you were.” 2. Punishment I’ll punish you if you don’t do it. “If you don’t buy it […]

A Guide to Multichannel Marketing

Marketing Across the Board Most marketing analysts, bloggers and other media commentators agree that marketing spend is shifting away from offline initiatives towards online strategies – whether that’s pay per click advertising or social media sites. The key to a successful marketing campaign is to get the balance right between online and offline strategies – take a multichannel approach – […]

A Guide to Promoting Your Brand

The importance of marketing to your company cannot be  underestimated. There are so many benefits to be had from  advertising your brand to potential customers, but knowing what you need to do and how you go about doing it are two very different things  – our tips could help you though! What type of marketing […]

Phallic Logos or “Are you just happy to see me?”

You would think designers would see this before they delivered a final design to their client. Apparently not. There is even a web site dedicated to this shameful mistake, called Phallic logo awards. We’ve posted a few of their most exciting contenders below. For more, visit the site and see for yourself. look closely at […]

A Socially-Conscious Examination of Tom Ford

Look at this woman. She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Absolutely perfect. Her glistening body is taught, toned, and slicked with oil. Her delicate fingers are decorated with vivid red fingernail polish, and her supple, teasing, skin has been airbrushed to an inhuman smoothness. This bronzed goddess is open, inviting, and eager. Her hands gently caress her […]

Happy Bare Butts Make the Sale!

How do you market a new toilet? With Happy Clean Bare Butts and a smile, of course! Excellent marketing campaign + equally amazing web site. Pants off!

Brand Identity Crisis

A fiend and colleague introduced me to Tom Fishburne’s BRAND CAMP cartoons. His work is really great, content and theme all centered around branding and marketing. The comic below just arrived in my inbox reminding me of yet another modern dilemma. What to do?

The 12 Master Formats of Advertising

12 Master Formats of Advertising. I recently ran across this Slate TV episode exposing the 12 Master Formats of Advertising. The 12 formats are explained and examples of each are highlighted. The idea of these 12 advertising strategies were identified by master ad executive Donald Gunn 30 years ago and are still relevant to today’s […]

Adopt. You will receive more than you can ever give.

I stumbled upon this ad campaign (below) which won a Bronze at Cannes Lions 2007 in the Print category. The ads are strikingly? beautiful and carry an emotional. Ads from IAPA, the Indian Association For Promotion Of Adoption & Child Welfare, Mumbai, India. “Adopt. You will receive more than you can ever give.” Agency: Ogilvy […]