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budweiser-stella artois, the impossible fermentation?

From 6th millennium BC until forever, Ninkasi (the ancient Summerian goddess of beer) will inspire hymns to her honor. Composed originally with bappir (baked barley bread), malt, honey and dates, the recipe barely changed. If I invoke today the matron of beer it is to turn a historic page in the American fermentation industry. Traditionally […]

bottle cap censorship

You may have picked up today’s Los Angeles Times and read an article entitled—“‘Legal Weed’ is just beer, but Feds want to cap sales” by Eric Baily. It tells an alarming story of government oppression, censorship, and wasting of tax dollars. Mt Shasta Brewing Company, located in Weed, CA, seals one particular brew with bottle […]

Shame On You, Oil Companies

Perusing the Coors Brewing Company’s homepage reveals the words “Around here the best spots are located between perfect and just right. Like Adolph Coors brewery. It’s the only place with water worthy of his beer. Since 1873, it’s been brewed with rocky mountain water. And as long as it flows, so does the legend.” Next […]

global food crisis

Amidst the firestorm of bad press over the global food crisis, the US government is having another DOH! moment, that is, another negative side effect of government policy has slapped us in the face. This side-effect, like others in recent years, was OBVIOUS and should have been expected if anyone took a few moments to […]