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Five Ways To Get Your Audience To Pop The Question!

  Social media networking provides business powerful tools to discover what makes their customers tick.  Become truly engaged with your audience and they’ll tell you how they want to do business, what they really need from you, what they can spend money on and much, much more.  So how can a business become more desirable, […]

Your Brand’s Path to self-discovery. The 5 “Must Knows” for Brand Success.

Branding. What do you know, Joe?  While strolling along the aisles of the national marketplace, I pretend to be astounded by the myriad of products and brand choices presented to me, all fighting for my attention. I notice that “A” attracts me visually, “B’s” jingle plays mercilessly in my head and the color theme of […]

Experience Brand Engagement

What makes you rush to the Peet’s Coffee & Tea 5 miles past the nearest Starbucks every morning? Why is it that you can’t resist visiting the nearest Target store? Why do you always prefer United Airlines to one of its competitors? It has got nothing to do with a compulsive disorder, if you are […]

Great Advice – How to Brand Your Small Business Without Spending Any Money

I just enjoyed great blog entry from Brand Company “Branding Brand” called How to Brand Your Small Business Without Spending Any Money. (I do know, the last sentence contained several “brands” but sometimes, just gotta throw caution to the wind.) Here are some highlights from the article, but we recommend you read it in it’s […]