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The Secret To Successful Brand Expansion? Red Lobster Knows!

Thinking about expanding a successful brand?  If you’ve done any reading on the subject you know it can end in failure if not handled properly.   The good news is that with the correct setup brand expansion can be very successful. The key to success lies in the structure.  The new brand should be under the […]

How to Effectively Monitor Your Brand Online

Thanks to the Internet, business managers and owners can now easily and quickly monitor how their brands are perceived by consumers. Before the advent of the online media, brand perception was monitored through actual sales figures, surveys, and focus group discussions. These days, numerous consumers use online venues to air their rants and raves about […]

Five Ways To Get Your Audience To Pop The Question!

  Social media networking provides business powerful tools to discover what makes their customers tick.  Become truly engaged with your audience and they’ll tell you how they want to do business, what they really need from you, what they can spend money on and much, much more.  So how can a business become more desirable, […]

Branding is More Than Just a Logo

Recognition When you see a familiar logo, what comes to mind? Recognition, your personal experiences with the products associated with that logo, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia? What you have experienced is the most basic power of a brand. Brand recognition. After all, that is precisely what a logo is for. Companies want you to […]

Marketing Your Brand with Authenticity

Marketing a brand with authenticity Successful marketers know that branding is an important part of being able to sell. Those that have a brand that is recognizable and used by many are able to sell more effectively than those who do not. Marketing a brand with authenticity is important to do. Going about this task […]

Your Brand Breathes Life Into the Business

The most beautiful of logos or brands is nothing unless “People” move the brand. It is like a book on a shelf that may contain lots of information but remains idle. It is useless. It will amount to nothing. Your brand must move. It should be given life by all those with an interest in […]

Liz Claiborne -Once a Giant in Women’s Clothing Brands, Now A Midget

Once the biggest the name in women’s fashion, Liz Claiborne had recently fallen from great heights. Last year, needing to pay more than $500 million of debt, the company sold to department store chain JC Penney several of its brands and among them, the Liz Claiborne brand itself. It was in 2006 that the company […]

6 Steps to Improve you Business & Monitor Your Online Brand

Learn More About How to Improve Your Business Online The internet has turned into the biggest market on earth. If you want to reach out to customer from all over the world you can easily do it via the internet. You can also group the products into various categories so that the needy customers can […]

Extreme brand makeover -When people saying bad things about your brand.

Brand Management Every customer has his own opinion of a company’s products and services. Such customer perception is the brand reputation, what customers think about the product or service. There are cases in which the customers say unpleasant things about a brand, and this does not go well with the business. The bad brand reputation […]