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Penn State University: Brand on the Run

State Pen. Ped State. The jokes write themselves. Guest Post by Richard Larson No, Penn State won’t disappear. No, it probably won’t go broke, no matter what kind of legal acrobatics the university has to perform in settling the civil suits that will flow from the Sandusky verdict. Penn State has an endowment of roughly $2 […]

Measure Your Brand’s Value Now

How do You Measure Up? Brand identification is never possible if marketers and product owners like you continue to overlook the issue of brand image, name and logo. However, Measuring your Brand’s Value has been proven to promote product visibility as it aims at identifying existing bottlenecks which helps promote desirable brand performance. Value of […]

Cause Related Marketing

Cause Marketing, a commonly used strategy, has proven effective in both deepening brand value and gaining exposure for worthy causes. The general idea of cause [related] marketing involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Simple formula? Sure! Far reaching results. You bet…. But “for whom and […]

Top 5 Steps to Define Your Brand’s Message

Defining Your Brand- What’s More Important? Although there are numerous steps a business can take to define their brand’s message, taking these 5 steps to define your brand’s message will make the process efficient and effective. Many businesses neglect clearly defining the message they wish their brand to convey. This is a vital aspect of […]

The Importance of Measuring Your Brand’s Value

Branding has become one of the most valuable elements for success in individuals, small business owners and large companies alike. The question and the delima most businesses face is measuring their brand value. Measuring your brand’s value, which is sometimes called brand equity, is a term used in marketing circles to identify the extent to […]