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How Brand Associations Can Help Boost Your Brand

The Art of Brand Associations Branding guest post The use of celebrities has become an ever-popular advertising tool and goes as far back to 1985 with endorsing Cadbury’s Cocoa. However, now in the 21st century firms have decided to move away from conventional celebrity endorsements to celebrity brand associations. As consumers are becoming smarter, firms have […]

Marketing Your Brand with Authenticity

Marketing a brand with authenticity Successful marketers know that branding is an important part of being able to sell. Those that have a brand that is recognizable and used by many are able to sell more effectively than those who do not. Marketing a brand with authenticity is important to do. Going about this task […]

Your Brand Breathes Life Into the Business

The most beautiful of logos or brands is nothing unless “People” move the brand. It is like a book on a shelf that may contain lots of information but remains idle. It is useless. It will amount to nothing. Your brand must move. It should be given life by all those with an interest in […]

Liz Claiborne -Once a Giant in Women’s Clothing Brands, Now A Midget

Once the biggest the name in women’s fashion, Liz Claiborne had recently fallen from great heights. Last year, needing to pay more than $500 million of debt, the company sold to department store chain JC Penney several of its brands and among them, the Liz Claiborne brand itself. It was in 2006 that the company […]

It’s an Arguably Tougher Situation When You ARE the Brand

Are You With Me, Dr. Drew? The Penn State brand has taken a major hit in the Jerry Sandusky scandal that sent the former coach to prison and has effectively ended the careers of the three administrators who along with Coach Joe Paterno, covered up the scandal for 14 years. But it could have turned […]

5 Personal Branding Tips from the Trenches

When it comes to building a personal professional brand, usually the first question out of everyone’s mouth is “Where do I start?” Guest Post by Danielle Hatfield The first place I would start is understanding that a personal brand is YOU. Not your company blog, not a brand you created or hope to build… but YOU. […]

Penn State University: Brand on the Run

State Pen. Ped State. The jokes write themselves. Guest Post by Richard Larson No, Penn State won’t disappear. No, it probably won’t go broke, no matter what kind of legal acrobatics the university has to perform in settling the civil suits that will flow from the Sandusky verdict. Penn State has an endowment of roughly $2 […]

How clever is too clever? Logo communication can say everything…

…or nothing When it comes time to move your business forward and give it that ultimate identity, a logo is a terrific way to give your potential clients a recognizable feature to associate to you. Sifting through the many ideas presented to you while making that decision, you must ask yourself: “Does my logo communicate […]


Branding yourself using web-based tools can be difficult and one needs to have the right strategy to succeed. The following plan if followed exactly will see you smiling all the way to the bank. Personal Branding Made Easy in six simple steps: 1. Identify the target market Who are you targeting in branding yourself, these […]

Determining Your UNIQUE Brand Value

What makes YOUR BRAND unique? Brands are marketing tools used by business owners to give their products that distinctive feature that exempts it from the other competitive products in the market. It is the image the business creates through branding that tempts customers to use their product because of the merits of the image being […]