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goodwin, the “on” demand green tech

With the recent increase of the gas at the pump, drivers look at biodiesel and hybrid cars as their next investment in matter of efficiency at the consumption. As the environment conscious people regard at the Prius as the car of the year, with Goodwin playing the Da Vinci or the killjoy of the automobile […]

A Greener Concert.

– A long list of concerts spanning the globe. Check. – Countless plane tickets. Check. – multiple Semi trucks filled with equipment. Check. – Large Lighting and Sound arrays that consume thousands of Amps of power. Check. – thousands of rabid fans each with their own vehicles driving up to several hours to the venue. […]

2009 a Big Year For Eco-Cars

Many of us currently own cars considered economical back in the days of 2-dollar-a-gallon gas, that are now certified gas guzzlers. In order to avoid bankruptcy, the urge to rid oneself of the burden is tremendous. Filling its place with a leased Toyota Prius, or Honda Civic Hybrid is highly tempting. Please minimize your mileage […]

Yikes! Public Wounds

We can all admit, Los Angeles is a driving culture, requiring cars for our main mode of transportation. Even though I love the downtown subway routes and often make the trek from downtown to Long Beach for weekend outings with my son, Angelenos don’t tend to spend the majority of their commute on the rail […]