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Cause Related Marketing

Cause Marketing, a commonly used strategy, has proven effective in both deepening brand value and gaining exposure for worthy causes. The general idea of cause [related] marketing involves the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit. Simple formula? Sure! Far reaching results. You bet…. But “for whom and […]

Sign of the Times

Seattle is home to about 550,000 people, and according to The National Coalition for the Homeless 5,500 of the residents of Seattle are homeless. That means that out of every 100 people you see walking down the street, one of them will not have a place to call home. You may meet them on a […]

strip for clothes

The last Virgin campaign “Virgin Mobile” raises skepticism on the adequacy between the product of a company and its messaging. The product, nothing but Virgin cellphones, its cause marketing messaging “Someone out there needs clothes more than you.” In its original campaign “Strip2Clothe”, Virgin challenged anyone to undress front of a video camera and to […]

the UN united for nations to rise?

Social media marketing is “in vogue” as “the” medium to communicate companies’ core messages and values. As any influential brand-named companies, the UN under the authority of Ban Ki-moon (former diplomat) jumped in the band wagon by asking Rajiv Dingra, founder and executive of WATConsult to implement their Millennium Campaign which audacious ambition is to […]

get conscious or get left behind

As society becomes more socially conscious, we’ve been using our power as consumers to demand businesses get involved too. Businesses are responding to the current generation’s preparedness to either reward or punish companies based on their socially-conscious positions, and it shows. Businesses were spending over $100 million on cause marketing in 1990, and this year […]

Bringing out the best in all of us

At London’s World Entrepreneurial Summit, MSN announced their plans to launch a portal with WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn devoted to cause marketing. The portal will bring together marketers and consumers in an online community, in the hope of building a mutually beneficial relationship where marketers can provide up-to-date information and consumers can voice their desires. It sounds promising […]

cashing in on a cause, for real?

Think Before You Pink You bet. Cashing in on a trend? Did someone say TREND? October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and one group urges people to Think Before You Pink… In some cases, marketing has gone awry, a call for transparency, accountability and less hype. Below are the critical questions to ask to determine […]

Cause Marketing- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (part 2)

(Product) RED is one of the most successful case studies of cause marketing in today’s market. Co-founded by U2 singer and activist Bono and Bobby Shriver, (Product) RED joins with “iconic” brands to develop special RED versions of existing products (Apple iPods, Converse sneakers, etc). When the specialty-branded products are sold, a percentage of the […]

Cause Marketing- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (part 1)

As previously explored, the simplified goal of Cause Marketing is to create an emotional charge usually associated with feeling good, contributing or being of service in relationship to a social “cause”. This act is designed to activate a person’s passion or emotional center while associating this feeling with the sponsoring brand. However, feeling good isn’t […]