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What’s The Big Deal With Social Media Anyway?

How many times have you heard the phrase “social media” over the past few years? Without a doubt everyone has heard about social media but few can probably define it accurately. A good definition of social media would be internet technology that allows the sharing of opinions, perspectives and insights between people from all around […]

“New Priorities for the Post-Agency Market”

Here, at jungle [8], we speak from the perspective of the new business paradigm.? Where sustainability, conscientiousness, and honest tactics rise above all else.? And it’s nice to know that we’re not alone in our pursuit.? Fellow pioneers at Patrick Davis Partners created this typographic video to spread the word about what should be all […]

Microsoft’s Future to be Delicious, “Moist and Chewy, Like Cake”

Perhaps we’ll all be wearing dunce caps when a year from now Microsoft releases the first edible computer, moist and chewy like cake.? But, all in all, Microsoft’s latest ad campaign is a misfire. And it’s because Bill Gates doesn’t get it.? He never really has.? Sure, he’s the third richest man in the world.? […]

leave me alone

Research says the average person receives anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements a day. We’re bombarded with it everywhere we go. The messages are from companies, stating a fact like how desirable their product is, and why you want it. They’re telling you something, and you’re expected to listen. In this? communication, there is no […]

Remembering MLK

40 years ago the world suffered the loss of a brilliant life, a life full of vision, dedicated to peace, filled with eternal hope. A life credited with numerous accomplishments and honors including raising public consciousness and inspiring the civil rights movement throughout the United States. Left behind: a powerful legacy, permanently woven into the […]