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“Brand yourself, Doll.”

In the world of branding, one area has become quite popular, the practice of Branding Yourself. Numerous books, white papers and articles have been written on the subject of personal branding and the practice has created many new stars, crossing over from the areas of “life coaching”, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. So, in the spirit of […]

The Chinese Woodpecker

On the west side of the hemisphere “woodpecking” or deforestation spread like the plague amputating drastically “the lungs of the planet”, the Amazon. In the eastern Siberia, in the Zabakailsky region, the same ecologic scourge is devastating and is threatening the famous Taiga, the coniferous forest, to disappear. Hectares of pines, larches, aspens and birches […]

Viva la génération!

The ad legend Alan Pottasch, creator of the Pepsi Generation, the Pepsi Taste Test and the famous Pepsi campaigns featuring Michael Jackson and others,? died on July 27? at age 79.? The advertising world will miss Pottasch, who created the longest running TV campaign in history, the youth targeted “Pepsi Generation”.? To read more about […]